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8 Signs That Suggest 2021 is the Year to Invest in Property


Consumer confidence is continuing to improve as has business confidence. 

  1. COVID-19 numbers are very low with the prospect of a vaccine around the corner. 
  2. Auction clearance rates have been strong in Melbourne and Sydney; Brisbane is experiencing more robust clearance rates compared to past years.
  3. First time home buyers are back in the market taking advantage of government incentives.
  4. Our economy is improving faster than many expected, we are in for a quick and sustained recovery, although there are always those media commentators that are spouting doom and gloom come March when Jobseeker and Job keeper are no longer.
  5. Buyers and sellers are active in the market, although most Brisbane markets are still behind on a number of transactions, due to limited stock, prices are on the rise with 3% growth over the last 12 months.
  6. Money is cheap now; interest rates are at an all-time low and banks are lending to investors again. Mortgage deferrals have been falling and there is no chance of an avalanche of mortgagee sales.  The latest rate cut and a guarantee of rates remaining low over the next 3 years will give home buyers and investors’ confidence.
  7. Property investment is a game of finance with real estate thrown in the middle, when finance flows freely and people take out loans before they commit to purchasing a property, then the next logical step is rising property prices.
  8. Moving forward further job creation, consumer confidence and business spending will underpin our housing markets. (Yardney, 2021 – What’s ahead for our property markets for 2021). 
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7 Secrets to Buying Off the Plan

7 Secrets to Buying Off the Plan  

There are a million horror stories out there about buying off the plan, we’ve heard them all plus the media loves a bad off the plan story! Is it really a bad idea? We have all heard the reports about shoddy workmanship, developers delivering a sub-par product. 

Real Estate Agents over-selling the project and what is built is nothing like the renders. The million-dollar view that can never be built out, but then low and behold a new building is going up right in front. 

The Luxury apartments that turn out to be sold to overseas investors. 

The secret to buying off the plan comes down to asking the right questions, knowing what to look for and what to avoid. The warning signs of a bad development as opposed to good development, get those key ingredients right and you are more than halfway there.  

Understanding Pricing  

Schedule A – lower prices available for VIP Clients, however, you need to be on the list, only about 5% of units are sold at this level.  Ask us about getting on the list! 

Schedule B – generally higher than Schedule A about 50% – 60% of the project is sold at this level and the rest are at schedule C.  So, it does pay to get in early.  If the project is selling quickly, they may even increase to schedule D pricing.   

So, as you can see the early bird does get the worm.  

Pay the Deposit and pay nothing more until settlement. 

You will initially be asked to pay a holding deposit of approximately $5,000 when you sign an Expression of Interest, this is usually fully refundable if you change your mind. In the next step, the contract is prepared and sent to your solicitor to review and once the terms and conditions meet the solicitor’s satisfaction and you are happy to proceed you will then be asked to pay the 10% balance of deposit of the purchase price. 

There are no progress payments, you just pay the balance of the purchase price on settlement along with your legal fees and transfer duty.  

Secret 1. – Location 

Preferred suburbs, lifestyle amenities, city or beach, commute times to the office or can I work from home 3 days a week and commute just 2? 

Other things to consider when looking at the location are the aspect, views, neighbours.  Chances are if you are reading this article you are considering an apartment.  Factors that you need to consider when purchasing that dream apartment are the floor, proximity to the lift, how many lifts are there?  The last thing you want is to be in a high rise with just two lifts where you spend half your time waiting…Luxury apartment buildings will have a high lift/apartment ratio.  

Corner apartments v’s middle apartments, corner apartments are generally lighter with more windows and a much better aspect.  

Secret 2. – Check the plan 

A floorplan illustrated with furniture can be very deceiving, knowing what the scale is on the floorplan allows you to determine how accurate the plans are.  A good agent will be able to source the information for you if it is not provided. 

Know the dimensions of furniture, working with an interior designer will help you to decide which furniture to take with you and what to purchase new. 

Secret 3. – check the marketing 

One of the first questions to ask is how accurate is the computer-generated imagery (renders) that appear on the website and in the marketing material. Great developers invest heavily in CGI so that the buyer can see what they are getting, and builders understand what to build.  Look at past developments that are already complete and compare the computer-generated imagery to the finished product.  This will give an indication as to the quality of the development. 

Secret 4 – Check the other buyers. 

Neighbours play an important part in our daily lives you want to make sure you are buying in a building where you will be around like-minded people.  Ask for the percentage of owner-occupiers/investor ratio’s or better yet look for a smaller boutique building that caters to the owner-occupier market. 

Secret 5 – Do your homework on the developer and builder. 

The Developer’s past projects will in most cases provide the information you need and more importantly to know who you are buying from and should you trust them.  More and more investment developers are getting into the luxury owner-occupier apartment market and sometimes won’t necessarily get the finishes quite right.  The same due diligence goes for the builder, check the builder’s background thoroughly and how long they have been in business. 

Some developer’s use a “Sunrise Clause” in the contract, that is the date by which the developer deems the project viable or not. 

In the contract there will be a “Sunset” Date, this is the date that the developer must settle the contract and it can be up to 5 years.  Always consult with your solicitor and ask how these dates work.  Hiring a solicitor, the specialises in “Off the Plan” contracts is a smart move.  

Secret 6 – Check the schedule of Finishes. 

Ensure the schedule includes the brand name, manufacturer’s description and a photo of all kitchen and laundry appliances, tapware, sink ware, basins, toilet, suites, light fittings, switches etc and if there is an alternate available if the developer decides to make a change. 

Ensure that there is an options list to choose from, the longer and more detailed the better. 

Always check with your solicitor that the contract contains the same schedule you were shown prior to signing the contract.  

Secret 7 – What happens at Completion. 

When construction has completed and the scheme has been registered and title issued you will be provided with a notice to settle,  this can be as short as 14 days.  Prior to settlement, you will want to conduct a thorough defects inspection.  Have a copy of your floorplan and schedule of finishes with you as per your contract. A good procedure to follow is marked each defect with a numbered sticker and note the defect, that way when the trades come back to rectify, they are clear on the defect. This may not happen right away; however, they are obligated to fix the defect as the building is covered under builders’ warranty. 

Make sure that all warranties are supplied for the various appliances installed.  

If you are thinking about buying off the plan and want to know more please get in touch, this service is complimentary, and we will be happy to help you shop for your new home free of charge.

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    Property Trends to Watch in 2021

    It has been made clear that Queensland’s property market has been performing strongly and even catching interstate buyers’ attention. As we enter 2021, it’s essential to navigate previous trends and factors to see what this year is likely to have in store.

    1. Working from Home
    Working from home became the norm for many people in 2020, causing a newfound desire to have more space at home for an office / working space and space that allows for relaxation, such as more garden or outdoor space. More natural environments in and around the house are also great for when those working from home take breaks, and they won’t have to be stuck in small offices and bright lighting.

    2. Unique Coastal Lifestyle
    The Queensland Market Monitor highlighted that Queensland’s coastal regions have strengthened post-pandemic. The Sunshine Coast had a median sale price increase of 1.8 per cent for the September quarter. With the stress, challenge and uncertainty of the pandemic, people were starting to desire a slower pace of life with more natural scenery.

    3. Interstate Demand
    Interest in the Queensland market from the Southern states was already experiencing steady growth over the last few years, but due to its amazing response to the pandemic, interest has skyrocketed. With its relative affordability and lifestyle advantages, it makes it the perfect location for those who wish to relocate.

    4. Local Living
    When lockdowns came into place, and people were urged to stay within their local area, it became clear just how important nearby essential services are. Therefore, when it comes to house shopping in 2021, people will consider, now more than ever, the proximity of essential services, such as, shopping, education, health, fitness, business services, employment and community facilities.

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    This year’s Christmas market won’t be slowing down anytime soon

    With only 8 weeks to go until Christmas and an active Brisbane property market that doesn’t show any signs of slowing down. What does that mean for buyers and sellers?

    With a slower stream of A-grade property coming to market and a higher demand for quality homes that tick all the boxes, is enticing some sellers that have been sitting on the fence to consider coming to market over the Christmas period. In particular, those looking to upsize their home. One thing COVID has taught us is that there is a need for more room on the home front. Larger yards, home offices and outdoor living are on every buyer’s wish list.

    The Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast appear to be the destination of choice for our southern compatriots with sales at an all-time high in the resort markets.

    With overseas travel still limited and the vast majority of people staying home for the holidays this year, there is a  “perfect storm” brewing for those with the property itch.

    Economists are predicting a 20% increase in the Brisbane property market over the next 5 years and with the hint in the federal budget of money becoming cheaper and first-time buyer government incentives at an all-time high we predict a busy Christmas period is on the horizon.

    We will be on deck this Christmas so if you are in the mood to make a move this holiday season give us a call and Iconic Concierge can make your next property journey seamless.

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    What suburb we’re talking about this month?

    Graceville! This suburb is ranked in the top five best suburbs in Brisbane, and is set to experience high growth between now and 2023 – we’re talking around a 23% growth rate in house prices! ?

    Currently, the median house price is $934,034 but by 2023, the number is expected to reach $1,146,060.

    Over 69% of Graceville’s residents are families. It’s the suburb that truly has it all – schools, shops, parks, beautiful houses and a great lifestyle. Graceville contains everything a family could possibly need, all within walking distance.

    With its current popularity and likeliness to grow further, it’s best to get in quick and settle down now in this beautiful suburb.

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    Stalled Campaign Up Your Game

    My Property Marketing Campaign was Unsuccessful, Now What?

    Real Estate agents often have a bad reputation, with over 20+ years in the trade we certainly understand why? However, we are not all cut from the same cloth. As professionals in an industry where transparency and honest and open communication is not always forthcoming, we have taken the time to chat to sellers and find out where their campaigns have gone wrong and have uncovered some common threads on why they may not have achieved a result, whilst shattering a few myths in the process.

    Here is what we have discovered:

    Fact 1: The agent has not taken the time to advise the seller on what repairs, maintenance, marketing and property presentation need to be considered and carried out before taking the property to market, in order to achieve a premium outcome for the client.  

    As Licensed real estate agents and property professionals we owe our clients a fiduciary responsibility to not just get the property sold but sold for the best possible price in the market at that time.

     We have been in a predominately sellers-market in Brisbane over the last few years and some agents have become complacent and have rushed property to market thinking the result will be quick or if it doesn’t sell will at least be great profile, nothing like a vendor paid signboard for free advertising!

    Fact 2: The agent has used inferior photography, videography or our biggest pet peeve, no video, and no floorplan.

     How can you expect a premium result without a marketing campaign designed specifically for the property? Every home is unique and deserves to be showcased appropriately to get the right buyer through the front door.  Great photography and videography are crucial ingredients, you have just 30 seconds to make an impact.

    Fact 3: After languishing on the market for some-time, the agent suggests an Auction campaign.

     What sellers do not realise is the campaign is doomed from the start.  It is highly likely that a “price” that the vendor will accept is already out in the marketplace.  Agent’s these days do not always adhere to the rules when marketing without a price, as we recently found out while sending a mystery shopper to check out the competition.  This was on a call back – “He’s desperate, he’ll take anything, offer a million and you can buy it at your price”  low and behold that property is still languishing on the market after an “Off Market” period followed by an Auction, now priced at $1.4M plus.  Anyone can access CoreLogic these days and view a property’s campaign history, so sellers be wary and make sure your agent has clear instructions on what they can and cannot say and the initial strategy is sound and can easily transition if need be. 

    Here’s a tip!  If you are thinking about going to Auction – Auction first, then after the auction use a pricing strategy post auction.  If your agent has done their homework and the seller’s expectations are reasonable the property will be sold under the hammer or post Auction, if not before.

     Fact 4:  The very popular offers by a given date or FOR SALE is not a pricing strategy, it is basically a poor man’s auction without the benefit of transparency. 

    What we have discovered is that the best offer by the closing date is not necessarily accepted, making the process misleading and leaving buyers un-satisfied with the process.  The no price strategy is off-putting for most buyers and if the agent follows best practice set out by REIQ and the Office of Fair Trading, the agent cannot give an indication as to price or a guide around price.


    Fact 5: Cookie cutter REA and Domain Facebook social marketing campaigns, which are a set and forget, do not make the cut regarding leads from social media. Nor the in-house social media expert who is usually the 20-year-old receptionist.

    Social media is a complex marketing tool, where the algorithms change constantly – unless you have a degree in multi-media advertising or are highly skilled in this area, i.e. not your side gig!  A professional digital and social media marketing expert should be consulted and personally manage your campaign.

    Real estate agents are not social media strategists, although they like to think so.  Being the most influential agent on social media is not a selling strategy.  It is a great Listing tool!

     At Iconic we have an out-sourced professional digital and social media team personally handling each of our campaigns both in-house and for our clients.  Each campaign is bespoke and designed with the property in mind and the appropriate buyer demographic, including local, interstate, and international buyers as well as those that are a match on our database.


    So how do you choose your next agent?  Here is what to avoid and a few tips to make sure the second time around is smooth sailing?


    Scenario 1: The new agent you are thinking of hiring suggests you put the property on the market without a break and re-uses the exact same marketing materials, copy writing and photography as in the previous campaign?  Think again…different agent, probably same result.

    Resting a property or  “Withdrawing” for a short period of time allows the property to be re-launched to the market with a fresh-face and invigorated marketing campaign, superior photography/videography, and fresh, professionally written advertising copy.  This approach will attract new buyers and potentially past buyers that have previously dismissed your property.


    Scenario 2: “Off Market Strategy” – Secures your business with minimum effort for the first few weeks.  Agents will often give complimentary photography in exchange for putting the property on their website.

    The question to ask yourself?  How do you know you have achieved the best possible price if you have not presented the property to all the potential buyers in the market? 

    Taking your property to the open market creates competition. A saving of $2500 to list on realestate.com.au and a $250 photoshoot, could ultimately cost you thousands.


    When is an off-market strategy successful?

    When an agent has a buyer willing to pay a premium price to secure a property before it hits the open market.  If the agent has a genuine buyer fitting this scenario the agent will not require photography, web listing or a 90-day agency agreement.  A 14-day agreement covering 2 weekends should be sufficient to get their buyer through your home and secure a written offer on a contract that you would be happy to sign.

    Ask Iconic Estate Agents about Domain’s new “Off Market” product?  If you would like to go down this route, we can guide you in the right direction.


    Working with a Buyer’s Agent/Advocate

    Buyers agents or buyers advocates as they sometimes call themselves can be fantastic when you are buying.  We work with some of Brisbane’s best and if you need one, we are happy to refer you!  However, you do need to remember that they work for the buyer and will negotiate accordingly.  If you would like an experienced negotiator to negotiate with a buyer’s agent on your behalf Iconic will always handle the sale for you at a reduced fee,  (1.5% of the purchase price, making sure you have proper representation). Buyers agents usually charge an initial fee of $1,000 – $2,000 and some offer a sliding scale depending on the value of your budget, we have seen some initial fees as high as $5,000 – $6,000. Some agents will rebate this initial fee at settlement; however, you will end up paying 2.5 – 3.5% in commission on the sales price of the property. In a market short on stock a buyers agent can be worth their weight in gold.  Our experience working in the United states market make us experts in this realm, so please ask us for some guidance before making a decision on engaging a Buyers Agent and we will make sure you’re working with the best.


    “Nationwide Database of Buyers” or “Company Wide Database” – this is a myth, remember a franchise runs and operates as an independent business. The company is not one big happy family sharing data.  How do we know this? We have worked for just about every real estate brand there is in over 20 years of industry experience. Please note, most high-profile agents protect their database and operate independently.


    “We have all the Local Buyers” – this is another myth, active buyers are searching on realestate.com.au and domain.com.au each week, they will see your property regardless of who you are listed with and will receive alerts when your property comes to market.  Passive buyers, those buyers who are not actively searching realestate.com.au and domain.com.au but would make a purchasing decision if they found the right property can be successfully targeted through a skilfully executed social media campaign, ask us how!

    Are you considering hiring that high-profile agent?


    Make sure your high-profile agent will be attending your photo shoot, overseeing all your social media and print marketing.  Conducting your open homes, buyer feedback calls and negotiating the deal with your buyer. Some agents, those we call “Listing Agents” will sign you up and then next thing you know your whole campaign is being managed by a Junior or what they call their “Buyers Agent”, “Associate Agent” or “Co-Agent”.  After all you hired them not their team of salaried staff that have little incentive to get you the best possible price for your home.  These staff members are often incentivised on volume of deals.


    Just remember to ask the pertinent questions and if their answers are satisfactory and they have been upfront regarding their processes and involvement in the sale of your home, then go ahead and sign the listing agreement.


    At Iconic, our focus is on fewer and better client relationships; this means that you will always have two senior agents working for you.  We attend every photoshoot, we are very selective about our photography and videography, we personally look down the lens of every shot and work closely with our exclusive photographer/videographer.  We work with a great team of stylists and interior designers to make sure your home “Pops” and if you need help? There’s Iconic Concierge. 


    Please note, we have two agents attend every open home, we personally conduct all our buyer feedback calls, handle enquiry, attend your building and pest inspections and bank valuations – this can be crucial, often pertinent information can be picked up at these inspections if you are experienced and know what to listen for.


    “My Home is now Under Offer, where is my agent?”


    Just because you have accepted an offer and you are now under contract; does not mean you are sold and often the hard work begins.  Make sure your agent is continually involved in this process.  Quite often high profile or high-volume agents will step away and move on to their next campaign and not deem it necessary to keep marketing your home until unconditional.  Or you may find yourself in the hands of the junior agent, who is wrapping up the deal for you.


    At Iconic Estate Agents we personally negotiate the deal, follow through with open homes and private inspections until the property is un-conditional and through to settlement.  We have found in our 20+ years of experience a premium price is achieved when both parties are thrilled with the outcome.  Buyers are always happy to pay for great service, particularly when you have helped them secure their dream home.


    Your property is most likely your biggest asset, make sure that the agent you choose is going to treat the sale of your home as if it were their own. Real Estate is a very personal business, make sure you do not become just another statistic. 

    Contact us to discuss your property needs today!

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    What marketing should my agent be using to sell my home?

    Sellers are always cynical of the proposed marketing budget that their agent suggests– especially in this day in age where the seller pays for it all! After being involved in the sale of hundreds of homes one thing has become very clear, those sellers that follow their agent’s guidance and roll out a quality campaign suitable to the home, sell quicker and for a higher price.

    When selling a home, one of the most important factors other than a well thought out pricing strategy, that will lead to a successful sale is the marketing an agent uses.  A common question we get asked on a regular basis from home sellers is “How should I market my home and what is the minimum amount I need to spend?”

    When Apple develops a new iPhone they don’t say “let’s just put it on the shelf and see how it goes” do they?  No – they put together an amazing marketing strategy heavily researched and marketed to a targeted audience using a multi- media platform approach. we need to take the same idea when selling a home, after all, you are on the market in competitionnot in isolation.

    As a team we have worked alongside some of Australia’s top performing real estate agents and we are all award-winning agents in our own right; with exceptional experience in corporate sales and marketing both nationally and internationally. We do know a thing or two about business and about marketing. We believe it is extremely important that our sellers understand where their home will be marketed, how it will be marketed, how much it will cost  and why we should use the prescribed strategy. More importantly, they also need to understand the importance of each aspect, who it reaches and why they need it.

    We are often asked how we consistently sell homes quickly and for top dollar. Well, the answer isn’t a simple one, but a big part of it is that we are very focussed on making sure every seller is given the right campaign and each campaign is bespoke and designed for their property and their unique set of circumstances.  It is important for all home sellers to understand that there are many real estate marketing techniques that top real estate marketers are using to improve their overall marketing exposure behind the scenes.

    If you are selling a home or thinking about it and you’re wondering what real estate marketing strategies a top real estate agent should be using, below are some of the more creative and unique real estate marketing strategies!

    Print Advertising & Traditional Real Estate Marketing Techniques

    There are many real estate agents who believe that print advertising and traditional real estate marketing techniques do not work.  While the impact that print advertising and traditional real estate marketing strategies have decreased over the years, they still can be a good marketing avenue for sellers.

    Newspaper Advertising

    Depending on your location, the newspaper still has a large readership, especially since Australian’s are obsessed with property and everything real estate.  Many newspapers have their own real estate section where you can find homes for sale, the upcoming open for inspection times and other pertinent information.

    One of the biggest spikes in newspaper readership has been online readership. The digital audience for the newspaper has been consistently growing year on year.  Newspaper companies have realized the impact that the internet makes and have shifted their focus to digital editions of their papers allowing readers to read the news on their computers, iPads, Tablets, and any other mobile device you can think of.  Convenience is the key!

    Newspaper advertising is still an effective real estate marketing strategy. Case studies demonstrate that when a home is advertised for sale, the web traffic increases for a few days after the advertisement is run.  This is due to potential buyers seeing the home for sale in the newspaper, then researching online to learn more.

    The big takeaway with this strategy is that newspaper marketing helps capture the passive buyer and the passive buyer although not really looking may come across the perfect home and will potentially pay more for the property.

    A study was conducted by the courier mail on perceived value of a property depending on the size of an advertisement.  As it turns out a full-page advertisement offers the best value for money with the greatest perceived value of the home, potentially increasing your net return by thousands.

     Postcard & Direct Mail Marketing

    Another popular print advertising strategy that top real estate agents will use to sell a home are postcards or DL’s as they are referred to in the industry.  Postcards sent to a local neighbourhood are a great opportunity to inform the neighbours that a home in their neighbourhood is for sale with pertinent details relating to the property.

    This can be an effective real estate marketing tool, mainly because neighbours who receive the card may know of a family member or friend who is looking for a home in their neighbourhood.  An informative postcard can easily be passed on to someone who potentially is looking for a new place to call home.

    Online Strategies

    Did you know that over 90% of home buyers are beginning their home search online?  If that staggering statistic does not catch your eye, it should!  It is extremely important when selling a home that your property is being exposed everywhere online.

    Below are some of the most important real estate marketing strategies that lead to maximum online exposure that many top real estate agents use.


    Going out on a limb, I would bet that all real estate agencies and brokerages have websites in 2020.  Just because a real estate agency has a website does not mean all their agents have their own websites.  To receive maximum online exposure when selling a home, it is very important that real estate agents have their own website.

    An agent not only needs to have their own website, but it also needs to be user-friendly and high ranking.  Some of the top signs of a user-friendly and high-ranking website include detailed property pages, resources, E-books, events, and mobile capabilities. This enables the agent to diversify and create bespoke social marketing campaigns to attract more buyers and importantly more passive buyers to your property, as those are the buyers who ultimately end up paying more… 

    Informative & Updated Blog

    An obvious sign of a real estate agent with a strong online presence is whether or not they have an informative and a regularly updated blog. Just like the one you are reading now that reaches over 10,000 families every issue.

    A real estate blog can be beneficial for a seller as it gives an agent the opportunity to discuss their home in detail.

    Another reason top real estate agents will have an informative blog is because it gives them the opportunity to share their knowledge and experience with potential buyers (and sellers).

    For example, if a seller has a home that is likely to attract first time home buyers, it can be extremely beneficial if an agent has an article or an E-Book that is tailored to the first time home buyer market,  Not only does providing the first-time home buyer tips benefit a buyer but also benefits a seller as the educational information provided helps make a transaction seem-less because the buyer is informed and educated about the home buying process.

    Nothing is more frustrating to a seller than a buyer who ends up with cold feet and backs out of a deal because they did not know what to expect during the home buying process.

    High Quality Photography

    Since the internet is where most buyers are beginning their home search, it is vital that a real estate agent is using high-quality photography.  When selling a home a seller should expect the photos a real estate agent uses to market their property are nothing short of spectacular, after all the photographs are the first point of contact that most buyers will have with the home, studies show that you have just 30 seconds to make a great first impression. So, make that 30 seconds count with amazing photography. 

    it is very important that the agent attends the photography session and looks down the lens of every shot, ensuring nothing is left to chance, even a great photographer needs to defer to the agent from time to time.  A high-quality photo/video shoot for a luxury property is an all-day event.

    Most top real estate agents will hire a professional photographer to take photos of their listings.  While this is an expense, it makes a huge difference, as perception of a home’s worth is equated to value in a dollar amount.  This is especially the case when selling luxury homes.  We have numerous case studies we can share with you, where we have taken over a listing from a competitor, used our success formula and have achieved a price significantly higher than the highest offer in the previous campaign.

    If a real estate agent is marketing their listings with poor quality images it can make a huge difference in whether a home sells or not and ultimately the final selling price.

    Video, 3D and 360 Home tours

    People love video, period!  The impact that video has had on real estate marketing has been monumental.  In 2020, buyers can now sit in the comfort of their home and virtually walk through a home, how awesome is that.

    When selling a home, you should expect that the real estate agent you hire is utilizing some type of video, 3D walk-through or 360 Home tour.  Whether it is a video they produce by themselves by stitching together photos or a video they have professionally designed, it is a crucial element for any campaign.

    Floor plans

    Our biggest pet peeve, a home for sale without a floorplan! Something as simple and inexpensive as a quality floorplan can make or break a campaign.  For less than $250 you can have a quality floor and site plan drawn up and added to your marketing arsenal.  Buyers absolutely love floorplans, and we see so many homes marketed without one. As marketers it is our job to make the home buying process as simple as possible which in turn gives our client (the seller) a higher net return which means for our owner occupier clients more tax free money in their back pocket.

    Social Media

    Real estate and social media are like peanut butter and jelly.  Sellers should expect that their real estate agent is utilizing social media in their real estate marketing strategy.  There are several social media websites that top real estate agents are utilizing to help give their sellers homes additional exposure.

    Below are some of the most popular social media websites that sellers should expect their real estate agent to use while selling their home and some reasons why.


    There are not too many people left who do not know what Facebook is or better yet, do not have a Facebook profile.  Facebook allows real estate professionals the opportunity to reach large numbers of residents as well as potential buyers living interstate and internationally.

    As a seller, it is important to realize the power of Facebook marketing for real estate.  Not all Facebook marketing needs to be focused on the newest listing in XYZ neighbourhood, but certainly is incorporated into many real estate marketing plans.  Top real estate agents will have their own business page that is frequently updated with not only listings but also with quality real estate advice, Style trends and engaging informative information.

    Providing quality real estate advice is a great way for a real estate agent to interact with their followers, many of which may be potential buyers.  Facebook also allows real estate agents to utilize targeted ads that can be demographically targeted to residents in a specific neighbourhood who are looking to purchase a home, how awesome is that!

    If you are selling a home, you can tell quickly tell if an agent is utilizing Facebook effectively.  If you go to their business page and there is a sea of Just listed and Just sold without anything of value and little interaction in the form of comments, likes, or shares, it’s likely they are not.  At Iconic Estate Agents we leave nothing to chance and hire the best in the business to take care of all social media marketing, that way we are assured we always have an engaged audience.  It is not always about the number of likes but how much traffic you can funnel to your website or the specific advertisement for a property or service.


    A relative newcomer to the real estate space, Instagram has been a big hit with promoting property and agents have used Instagram to build their online profiles. Everyone loves pretty pictures and who doesn’t like looking at pictures of beautiful homes. A number of high-profile agents have become social media influencers, we believe marketing is about the property not the agent.  This has become a great listing tool for agents.

     Final Thoughts

    Real estate marketing is vital to home selling success.  There are certain real estate marketing techniques that you should expect your real estate agent to employ.

    If a real estate agent utilises print advertising, has a strong online presence, utilises social media, and knows how to curate great real estate content, the chances they sell a home increase significantly.  A real estate agent who does not believe in or utilises these forms of marketing can potentially cost a seller thousands of dollars and months of aggravation.  If your agent employs all these methods you will sleep well at night, knowing that you have reached every potential buyer and therefore maximised your sale price.

    Contact us to discuss your property needs today!

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    Is your off-market strategy selling your property short?

    The “off-market” sales trend in Brisbane is on the rise, and indications are it is being fuelled in part by fear. Traditionally, a seller may prefer an off- market sale for reasons of privacy, avoidance of marketing fees or the open home process. If an agent can match an existing buyer to a seller’s property then this should  result in a quick sale and at a premium price, as the buyer is motivated to secure the property un-contested. If this is not the case, can a seller be assured that every dollar has been extracted from the market if every potential buyer has not been introduced to the property? The short answer is no!

    No agent has every potential buyer on their database, and with year on year rise in buyer activity on Realestate.com.au and Domain.com.au, the importance of multi-tiered digital marketing campaigns has never been greater. Competition triggered at auction or a private treaty sale through a comprehensive multi-tiered campaign that engages the most buyers in the marketplace, will more than cover marketing costs multiple times over.

    An off- market strategy, by definition, limits competition, and without buyer competition, sellers cannot be confident of maximising sales results. If the aim is to sell, and to sell at the best available price, then engage an agent with an arsenal of premium property marketing strategies that will showcase your property to the open market and attract the interest of as many potential buyers as possible.

    To achieve a premium sales price in today’s economic environment, requires savvy  and engaging marketing, the property needs to shout and not whisper to the market!

    As a boutique agency unbound by franchise or company-wide policy Iconic Estate Agents can be nimble in today’s marketplace. Our cutting edge digital and social media marketing team will design a bespoke program for your property that will engage buyers on a national and international level offering you peace of mind that we have interacted with every aspect of the real estate market and achieved an absolute premium for your home.   

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    Home Buyers Must-Haves

    New patterns are beginning to emerge when it comes to house hunting ?

    New keyword search data from realestate.com.au highlights that home buyers’ tastes are evolving as they consider finding a home that will be suitable and well equipped for a life inside, post-COVID.

    Across Australia, COVID related keyword searches that have increased include:
    ? Balcony (+36%)
    ? Study (+31%)
    ? Gym (37%)
    ? Outdoor (+41%)

    Whereas the following keyword searches have decreased:
    ? Studio (-22%)
    ? Granny Flat (-2%)

    It’s clear there’s a strong preference for outdoor and larger spaces. Now, home buyers are wanting to secure a house that can successfully help balance work and life.

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    How to keep your emotions in check when selling

    Home is where the heart is, so it is no surprise that people experience strong feelings when it comes time to pack up and sell the family home.

    The emotional connection between you and your home is completely normal, however, as a seller, you cannot afford to let feelings get in the way.

    Regardless of whether you are a baby boomer downsizing, an owner-occupier upgrading or an investor looking to make a profit, your personal feelings must be kept in check in order to sell your property quickly and for the best possible price.

    Why people become emotionally attached to their property

    For most people, a house is not just an asset. It is a place you associate family, security, happiness, and comfort. There is a growing body of research that says selling a home can be one of the most stressful events of your lifetime.

    here are the most common reasons why this process is so emotional:

    It is where you created childhood memories

    Homes are the backdrop for our lives. You spend many happy hours growing up, spending time with family and friends. These moments are an important piece of your identity and leave you feeling connected to where they happened.

    It connects you to family history

    In some cases, a property has been handed down through generations or has played a major role in family connections. Therefore, some people struggle to let go and can feel like they are losing a family member.

    It is where you celebrated milestones

    Celebrations at home are a big part of life including birthdays, barbecues, engagement parties and even the occasional backyard wedding. We regularly reminisce about these special occasions with the house or apartment playing a prominent role in the memory.

    You made it your own

    Very few people move into a house and do not make changes. Whether it is a new patio, buying special furniture for the space or a complete renovation, you may have poured a lot of time and effort into your property. This creates a sense of pride and a strong bond that can be hard to let go of when it is time to move on.

    Should you use your emotions or keep them to the side?

    It may seem counterintuitive, but in some cases, sellers can harness their love for their home to help find a new owner by thinking like a buyer.

    Pride in your property means you are more likely to give it the attention it deserves and make it perfect before putting it on the market.

    People who are very attached are also more likely to pick an agent that cares and who will take the time to point out all the major features and special highlights when showing potential buyers through the house.

    Get the low down

    While these are positive ways to harness your feelings to achieve a better result, for many people, emotions will cloud judgment. This could result in hasty decisions that may end up costing thousands of dollars. Having an impartial third party such as an agent to give you advice and a clear perspective could save you from some costly mistakes.

    Emotional reasons to sell your home

    Certain life events like a death, divorce or serious injury in the family are common reasons a sale is triggered, often making the process more overwhelming for the sellers.

    In other cases, family members have become too old to care for themselves and the home. This can mean it is being sold against their wishes.

    By far, divorce is one of the most difficult situations that cause intense emotions to arise. Selling can be especially tricky when one or both parties do not want to leave and refuse to see eye-to-eye on the price.

    Owner-occupiers are not the only sellers impacted. Investors can also experience a rollercoaster of emotions when offloading an investment property. Especially, if they face short deadlines, a tight budget or need to sell in a falling market.

    How to prepare emotionally

    Undoubtedly, most sellers have a strong bond with their home. So according to specialists, detachment is the best way to move forward. Sometimes this is easier said than done.

    Their advice is to say goodbye to the house and begin to look at it as a ‘product’ early in the journey. Doing market research and keeping an open mind is also crucial.

    Keep it factual, look at comparable sales. Try and focus on the presentation of the house or apartment, and of course, where you are going to look for another home.

    Here are 8 tips on how to keep emotions in check when selling:

    1. Do your research to ensure you price the property correctly and understand the market trends and say goodbye as you prepare your house for sale.
    2. Bringing in the agent early in the process to have the right guidance.
    3. Stage and Style your home for sale, this will feel less like home.
    4. Put yourself in the buyer’s shoes, imagine how happy the next family will be in a home you helped create.
    5. Know what the market is doing and be realistic about your selling time frame and price.
    6. When possible get all interested parties on board before the selling process begins.
    7. Avoid being in the house when prospective buyers visit and ask your agent to keep details to a minimum.
    8. Focus on your next home and engage in some well-deserved self-care.