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The “off-market” sales trend in Brisbane is on the rise, and indications are it is being fuelled in part by fear. Traditionally, a seller may prefer an off- market sale for reasons of privacy, avoidance of marketing fees or the open home process. If an agent can match an existing buyer to a seller’s property then this should  result in a quick sale and at a premium price, as the buyer is motivated to secure the property un-contested. If this is not the case, can a seller be assured that every dollar has been extracted from the market if every potential buyer has not been introduced to the property? The short answer is no!

No agent has every potential buyer on their database, and with year on year rise in buyer activity on Realestate.com.au and Domain.com.au, the importance of multi-tiered digital marketing campaigns has never been greater. Competition triggered at auction or a private treaty sale through a comprehensive multi-tiered campaign that engages the most buyers in the marketplace, will more than cover marketing costs multiple times over.

An off- market strategy, by definition, limits competition, and without buyer competition, sellers cannot be confident of maximising sales results. If the aim is to sell, and to sell at the best available price, then engage an agent with an arsenal of premium property marketing strategies that will showcase your property to the open market and attract the interest of as many potential buyers as possible.

To achieve a premium sales price in today’s economic environment, requires savvy  and engaging marketing, the property needs to shout and not whisper to the market!

As a boutique agency unbound by franchise or company-wide policy Iconic Estate Agents can be nimble in today’s marketplace. Our cutting edge digital and social media marketing team will design a bespoke program for your property that will engage buyers on a national and international level offering you peace of mind that we have interacted with every aspect of the real estate market and achieved an absolute premium for your home.   

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