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It has been made clear that Queensland’s property market has been performing strongly and even catching interstate buyers’ attention. As we enter 2021, it’s essential to navigate previous trends and factors to see what this year is likely to have in store.

1. Working from Home
Working from home became the norm for many people in 2020, causing a newfound desire to have more space at home for an office / working space and space that allows for relaxation, such as more garden or outdoor space. More natural environments in and around the house are also great for when those working from home take breaks, and they won’t have to be stuck in small offices and bright lighting.

2. Unique Coastal Lifestyle
The Queensland Market Monitor highlighted that Queensland’s coastal regions have strengthened post-pandemic. The Sunshine Coast had a median sale price increase of 1.8 per cent for the September quarter. With the stress, challenge and uncertainty of the pandemic, people were starting to desire a slower pace of life with more natural scenery.

3. Interstate Demand
Interest in the Queensland market from the Southern states was already experiencing steady growth over the last few years, but due to its amazing response to the pandemic, interest has skyrocketed. With its relative affordability and lifestyle advantages, it makes it the perfect location for those who wish to relocate.

4. Local Living
When lockdowns came into place, and people were urged to stay within their local area, it became clear just how important nearby essential services are. Therefore, when it comes to house shopping in 2021, people will consider, now more than ever, the proximity of essential services, such as, shopping, education, health, fitness, business services, employment and community facilities.