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With only 8 weeks to go until Christmas and an active Brisbane property market that doesn’t show any signs of slowing down. What does that mean for buyers and sellers?

With a slower stream of A-grade property coming to market and a higher demand for quality homes that tick all the boxes, is enticing some sellers that have been sitting on the fence to consider coming to market over the Christmas period. In particular, those looking to upsize their home. One thing COVID has taught us is that there is a need for more room on the home front. Larger yards, home offices and outdoor living are on every buyer’s wish list.

The Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast appear to be the destination of choice for our southern compatriots with sales at an all-time high in the resort markets.

With overseas travel still limited and the vast majority of people staying home for the holidays this year, there is a  “perfect storm” brewing for those with the property itch.

Economists are predicting a 20% increase in the Brisbane property market over the next 5 years and with the hint in the federal budget of money becoming cheaper and first-time buyer government incentives at an all-time high we predict a busy Christmas period is on the horizon.

We will be on deck this Christmas so if you are in the mood to make a move this holiday season give us a call and Iconic Concierge can make your next property journey seamless.